aNexus provides premium after sales service, materials, equipment for R&D laboratories, and advanced production facilities, in area of Quantum information measurement & microscopy, Cryogenic, Inkjet, Coatiing, Nanoimprint, Magnetic, Solar, Sprintronics, Sciences etc. Technology from aNexus or leaders including Aixtron, Coatema, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Futek, attocube, Single quantum and others. Fujifilm Dimatix is a leader in inkjet technology for printing of functional materials in research to high volume production. attocube systems is the partner of choice for research laboratories and OEM customers including nanopositioners, picometer interferometers, Dry & Wet cryostat (Ultra Low Temperature) system for scattering SNOM, AFM/CFM, Raman, SPMs.