9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies

ICMAT 2017 | 18 - 23 June 2017 | Suntec Singapore

Symposium E

Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy and Environmental Applications

Category: Energy & Energy Storage


Hongjin FAN
SPMS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Ghim Wei HO
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Shizhang QIAO
University of Adelaide, Australia

Wenjie MAI
Jinan University, China


Assoc. Prof. Hongjin FAN
SPMS, Nanyang Technological University
Email: fanhj@ntu.edu.sg


Symposium Scope

Interdisciplinary nanoscience has established its stand to tackle the future mankind challenges in search for sustainable development of energy and environmental applications. Nanomaterials are attracting immense attentions in these applications as they enhance efficiencies through control of bandgap, chemical composition, structural scheme, light propagation, charge collection/transport kinetics etc. Researchers have demonstrated the application of nanomaterials with unique and exceptional properties in a wide range of energy and environmental applications, such as solar energy conversion and storage, air/water purification and removal of pollutants.

This symposium brings together scientists and engineers working in these fields to discuss recent advance and future perspective. Our focus will be on nanostructured materials and technologies for photo- and electrocatalysts, which covers solar cells, photoelectrochemical cell, photo- and electrolysis water splitting. Electrochemical energy storage is excluded in this symposium.

The proposed topics include, but will not be limited to:

  • Photocatalysis for water splitting, CO2 capture, environmental remediation;
  • Nanomaterial photoelectrodes for water splitting;
  • Nanomaterial electrocatalysts for ORR, HER and OER;
  • Combination or integration of different technologies for self-powered devices;
  • Solar cells are generally included except for perovskite ones.


Proceedings Publication

Papers reviewed and presented at this symposium will be published in Procedia Engineering by Elsevier.

Husam ALSHAREEF, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia
Lin X. CHEN, Northwestern University, USA
Yu HUANG, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Shizhang QIAO, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Zhiyong TANG, National Center of Nanoscience and Technology, China
Dan WANG, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, China
Lianzhou WANG, The University of Queensland, Australia
Xun WANG, Tsinghua University, China
Dongsheng XU, Peking University, China

Suddhasatwa BASU, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Radha BOYA, University of Manchester , UK
Jean-Jacques DELAUNAY, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Zhiyong FAN, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Johnny C. HO, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Yanguang LI, Soochow University, China
Bin LIU, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Jingshan LUO, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Jong Hyeok PARK, Yonsei University, South Korea
Yongbing TANG, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS, China
Alfred Ling Yoong TOK, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Xudong WANG, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Yujie XIONG, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Rong XU, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Yi-Jun XU, Fuzhou University , China
Quanhong YANG, Tianjin University, China
Ranbo YU, University of Science & Technology Beijing, China
Jia ZHU, Nanjing University, China